Introducing: CopPair

Our platform is called ‘CopPair’ as all our solutions are two-components based composed of:

  • ActiveX: an organic solution consisting of  “anti-oxidants”, rheology and adhesion promoting chemical agents.
  • MetalX: a mixture of copper fine-powders and other some other conducting metallic pigments.

Rather than trying to maintain on oxygen-free environment during the entire product lifecycle, we take a different approach. Once prepared and printed, a chemical process triggered by temperature takes place during drying, resulting with a stable conductive copper layer.

Possible drying methods include hot-air, IR lamps and direct laser sintering. Our copper ink solutions are tested under extreme environmental conditions including humidity and temperature cycling to ensure our compliance with the industry’s toughest requirements.

CopPair main advantages

Low temperature sintering compatible with PET and many engineering plastics

Simple processing and scalability: screen printable, hot air drying

Direct soldering of SMT components

High thermal conductivity

Water cleaning, minimizing the need for solvents

Good adhesion to many substate materials including Aluminum & Stainless Steel