Advanced Copper Materials for Car Electrification

Electric vehicles will become a reality a soon, helping to create a more sustainable environment. Advanced materials play an imperative role in the quest to meet the electrification challenge.

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Different applications, require different solutions. We have tailored our Copper solutions to meet many industry challenges brought to us by our customers.

Copper on Plastics

Conductive copper ink for printed electronics applications.

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Copper on Ceramics

Electrically and Thermally conductive copper solution for coating on ceramic surfaces and passive-component applications.

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Copper on Glass

Electrically conductive copper solution for printing of electrodes and bass bars forsmart-window applications. Compatible with screen printing on glass and dryingin hot air.

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Copper on Carbon Nanotubes (CNT)

Electrically conductive copper solution for printing addressable electrodes and contacts for sensing and heater applications (eCNT)*.

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Functional Coating

PrintCB’s functional coating copper solutions are designed and tailored to meet specific applications that require such functions while avoiding environment-unfriendly processes.

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Conductive materials are crucial elements for many advanced applications. Copper can now provide the edge you are looking for.

PrintCB’s Copper Edge

Copper has been the most widely used conductive material in electronics and communications for half a century. Still, printing of copper, despite its obvious gains, has remained a huge technological challenge for many years.

PrintCB tackles the copper challenge in an entirely new approach. Through advanced chemistry and materials science, we were able to develop innovative and proprietary platform that enables straightforward use of conductive copper.

The ability to print copper using traditional industrial processes, is a paradigm shift in manufacturing of many advanced applications. Learn more about our technology.

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Simple and Safe preparation


Compatible with a wide range of substrate materials

Easy Use

Standard capital equipment processing


Cost competitive materials