About Us

PrintCB is a world leader in the development of printable copper ink materials. We strive to deliver cutting-edge, advanced materials solutions for emerging technologies that have the power to make a BIG difference.

Focused mainly on car-electrification and renewable energy applications, we consider the environmental impact of our products every step of the way.

As a customer centric company, we listen to our customers and seek to tailor our solutions to meet their requirements. If you are trying to lead a change and require advanced conducting materials, we invite you to contact us and learn about the copper edge.


Sagi Daren
CEO and Co-Founder
Yiftah Karni
CTO and Co-founder
Steve Daren


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PrintCB is a customer-centric company driven by our customer’s challenges. Please contact us for an open discussion, innovative copper materials might be the solution for you.

7 Pinhas Sapir St.
Ness Ziona, 7403630