Transforming fuel-propelled cars to electric vehicles is a huge challenge, changing many paradigms. Regulation of cabin and battery temperature, electronics cooling, weight reduction, smartness and connectivity are just few of the many new features that now need to be addressed by the car makers.

Advanced materials play an important role in solving these challenges. Copper, the most widely used engineering metal in electronics, can deliver many of the industry’s requirements, PrintCB has developed print-able coppers materials that are compatible with automotive industry’s manufacturing needs, while maintaining high performance, cost effectively.



Copper on Carbon Nanotubes (CNT)

Electrically conductive copper solution for printing addressable electrodes and contacts for sensing and heater applications (eCNT)*.

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Functional Coating

PrintCB’s functional coating copper solutions are designed and tailored to meet specific applications that require such functions while avoiding environment-unfriendly processes.

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