Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics is one of the fastest-growing trends in electronics manufacturing today, enabling printing of electronic circuits on various rigid and flexible substrates. When applicable, it is highly cost-effective, environment-friendly and well adapted for mass-manufacturing. Applications are endless: sensors, heaters, membrane switches and solar panels are just few examples of what printed electronics can yield.

While silver inks dominate this market, copper has always been considered the ‘holy grail’ due to its lower cost and potentially high conductivity. However, attempts to overcome copper oxidation while avoiding complex processes were not successful. Until now.

PrintCB’s copper ink are high-performance, cost-effective, printable materials which are compatible with the printed electronics industry needs and are simple to use, allowing printing and drying at ambient air conditions. Moreover,  PrintCB’s material’s enable new features such as direct soldering of SMT components and high thermal conductivity making room for the development of advanced applications in printed electronics.